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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Challenge: Doodle Contest!

This weeks challenge is a doodle contest involving doodle on chat (la duhhh lol.) You'll each have a turn at drawing the set Object/creature/what ever is given to you, the one thats best wins. This will be pretty fun. Be prepared for a blast (:.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elimination #7

Hey! Quoby here, I can't make a long post, so I'll just tell you who got voted out! The answer is Niamh. Sorry Niamh, you helped alot and showed up almost every time! :D


Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Co-Host!

Hey! There's now a new Co-Host, Named Andy/Lego. His twitter is iLegoCP!

- He's really nice, and was in CP Life Or Death, Sadly 0ne of the first ones voted off! He'll always be remembered in CP Life or Death history, and has won the contest to be next host! Almost everyone likes him, and I hope he helps out in CP Life or Death! :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey guys! :D

- Well this challenge is going to be picked out of the SYC (SubmitYourChallenge)

contest hosted by Quoby, for the fun Club Penguin gameshow called

Club Penguin - Life or Death?

Yes, That is this gameshow, this is it's website, you know, the website you're reading on right now.

Anyway - This challenge is going to be....

*has not been picked, because not enough people have submitted ideas to the contest*

:D Maybe you will submit ideas if I tell you this!

- For everyone who submitts an idea, for helping us, If you're in the gameshow,

You get an immunity! (First 3 people to submit)







- Please note that this will be updated-

* All three immunities have been taken, But I will give out two more! *

If I were you I'd submit an idea for a challenge! :D

Please submit!

--- Anyways, Cya!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Challenge #7

Hey guys! This challenge is going to be a repeat of a challenge - I am only repeating it because alot of you guys loved the challenge! It made me very happy that you liked this challenge, Because it took a long time to make. I hope you enjoy it once again, It will be trivia! There will be hard AND easy questions.

- I know the teams have merged, the rules will just change a little! :)

The new rules will be ( this is including last times rules )

  1. No cheating ( Googling, or anything like that.)

  2. Please, Don't say emotes, or lag the chat!

  3. If you have any emotes in name, that are asked to be taken out, Please - Take them out of your name!

  4. You can show up late - But if you do, It is not my problem that you are behind on all the questions!

  5. It will be just like last time - Just no buzzing! Sometime through the trivia, Incase of extreme lag, I might have you PC the answers to me, Instead of saying them on Main chat!

  6. If you lag, I can't just help you out and all this time - I WON'T and CAN'T. It would be unfair.

  7. Just remember to enjoy it, and have fun! This will probably be the last trivia challenge!

- Please follow those rules and enjoy it!

This will be this weeks challenge, I am doing it again because almost all of you loved it!


TIME: 3:00


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Submit Your Challenge!

This weeks challenge will be chosen from Submut Your Challenge Contest! Anyone can submit, in CPLOD or not! All you have to do is.. Tell me your challenge by : Comment, Xat, Twitter.. etc! :D I hope you ALL submit! I will have a poll on which to choose, after they are submitted! (I would like it most if you comment your idea.) Thanks!


Elimination #6

This is Elimination #6. Everyone had decided on who to vote, when suddenly, Kellie had to say something, and got everybodys attention! She had to say something important, She has to drop out, be voted out. She must be. And so she wanted, so she was. Xx Kellie Xx, You will always be remembered as 6th person ever voted out of Club Penguin Life or Death.

- Kellie, I hope you enjoyed your time in CP Life or Death, And I hope you are able to sign up next season of CPLOD.

~Quoby - Click here!